Apply for Czech Republic Work Permit from Kuwait

Choose Your Czech Republic Employment Permit

  • Employee Card

    This card is issued for a period of two years and can be used for both short-term and long-term employment. To be eligible for this work permit, the applicant will need to showcase a valid job contract for at least 15 hours of work per week and a salary that is above the legal minimum wage.

  • Blue Card

    The Blue Card Employment Permit is issued to non-EU citizens who are offered employment in the country for a highly-skilled position. To apply for a blue card, the applicant will need to submit their work contract and a certificate of your qualifications which are recognized in the Czech Republic.

Key Features of the Czech Republic Work Permit

The Czech Republic government issues visas to foreign applicants who work with a registered Czechia employer. The company recruiting a candidate from outside the country and member EU states needs to prove to the Labour Ministry that only overseas skilled professionals can accomplish the particular work. The employer has to submit Labour Market Assessment (LMA) document and move ahead with the Czechia work permit application. Once this has been established, ex-pats can move forward with their work permit application.

After all the formalities are done, and a work permit is granted, the applicants can enter the Czech Republic legally to begin their work with a new employer. They can work below the two employment visa types: Employee card and Blue Card. The Czech Republic work permit is valid from one to three years and can sometimes be prolonged.

Choose Your Czech Republic Work Visa

The Czech Republic Visa for work is divided into two main categories – Employee Card and Blue Card.

Employee Card

This work visa permits foreigners to perform the job and live inside the country. Employee Card in the Czech Republic is always related to the particular profile and company for which it was issued.

Blue Card

A Blue Card can only be distributed for jobs requiring top-level educational qualifications. The applicants usually apply for higher posts and choose this option for a more extended stay in the Czech Republic.

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Eligibility Requirements to Apply for Czech Republic Work visa

Citizens from EU countries and selected non-EU countries that are on an intra-company transfer or are in ownership of a longer residence visa don’t require a work permit. For citizens of non-European countries work permit is a requirement in the Czech Republic. Below are some of the requirements for a Czech Republic work visa:

  • Employment offer with all the details
  • Labour Market Assessment from employer
  • Qualification proof (if applicable)
  • Valid passport
  • Relevant work experience to do the job
  • Health insurance coverage (if applicable)
  • Evidence of intention to exit the country after the visa expires, including a return ticket

Mandatory documents for Czech Republic Work Permit

The list of documents mandatory for a Czech Republic work permit depends on the kind of work visa. However, the general documents required are

  • Filled application form
  • Passport with relevant travel details
  • Letter of a Job offer from a registered employer
  • Cover letter describing the purpose of the trip
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Comprehensive health report
  • A bank statement stating the applicant has enough funds to sustain
  • Proof of fees visa fees payment
  • Passport size photos
  • Return ticket

The procedure may look simple to the naked eye, but the whole process needs expertise. Documentation and prior approvals are essential for smooth sailing. Therefore, getting assistance from an expert Work Visa agent for the Czech Republic or Schengen visa consultants in Kuwait is an intelligent decision. DM are the best Czech Republic visa consultants in Kuwait.

How to Apply Work Permit visa for the Czech Republic?

After gathering all the essential documents, you can begin your work permit visa application online by filling out the application form online and printing a hard copy. Sign the form and apply along with all the required documents. The process seems easy but involves a lot of paperwork and approvals. So, it is better to seek assistance from DM, who works with a professional Work Visa agent in the Czech Republic, or Schengen visa consultants in Kuwait.

Czech Republic work visa processing time depends on both the employer and the employee. For employees to secure work permits, the following documents are required:

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof in the foreigner’s country of permanent residence
  • Company deed or trade license
  • A paper about the economic growth and business activity of the company
  • Details about the job description and the duration of the job
  • A statement saying that you are going to hire a foreign national for a specific job
  • Notarised copies of all academic and professional qualifications
  • Payment of the administration fee

Now that the work visa is done and you have landed in the Czech Republic, the work still needs to be finished. The new entrant needs to register with the Foreign Police Department and provide the necessary biometric data to the Department of Asylum within three days. Registering at the Ministry of Interior is also mandatory within 30 days of entry.

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  • Help in accommodation, account opening and other things post-arrival

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Czech Republic Work Permit

Situated at the centre of Europe, the Czech Republic is a decent workplace due to its deep culture, professionalism and handsome salary packages. The country has a strong economy, pleasant climate, good healthcare facilities and infrastructure for fantastic living.
The Czech Republic welcomes skilful foreign workers with valid work visas. Contact our expert visa consultants in Kuwait to avail yourself of assistance in securing a Czech Republic work permit from Kuwait.
Some essential requirements are: • Employment offer from a registered Czech company • LMA document from the employer • Passport with relevant travel details • Character certificate from the Police • Satisfactory health report • Bank statement establishing enough funds in the account to sustain for a while • Visa fees payment receipt • Get in touch with our best Czech Republic visa consultants in Kuwait for more details.
The Czech Republic'sRepublic's work permit validity is usually from one to three years. The duration time is specific for a temporary contract from the employer. An extension is required on a work permit or residential visa to prolong the stay.
The Czech Republic Visa for work is divided into two main categories. Employee Card work visa allows overseas professionals to work for a specific employer. A Blue Card work visa can only be distributed for jobs requiring top-level educational qualifications. Intra-Company Transferee Card is also an option.
Schengen visit visa is for entry to listed European countries (26), including the Czech Republic. The applicant is not permitted to work on a Schengen visit visa.
Your visa status can change from a visit to a work permit after you have a valid job offer. To start the Czech Republic work permit application process, contact the DM Immigration Consultants in Kuwait.
It usually takes one to two months to process a work visa for the Czech Republic. The processing time starts after the candidate has finished the visa application and submitted all the papers to the Czech embassy in the native country.
You can work in Germany only after obtaining a work permit. Working using Polish/Czech/Croatian documents is illegal. These documents are valid only in the particular country where they were issued.
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