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The Australian Skilled immigration program is a wholly different process entirely from the other categories of migration programs in Australia. It was designed mostly for New Zealand citizens or skilled foreign workers who have the required experience and designation that is needed in the country.

Do you plan to settle with your family in an immigrant-friendly country, with zero or less crime, and also work in any job position? Then, Australia is the right answer.


The General skilled Migration program is a point-based system that takes into consideration the age, skill assessment, level of education, and the language proficiency of the applicant, among other factors. The minimum score required to qualify for the program is 65.

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As a skilled worker, there are several reasons why you would want to move to a better/advanced country. Assure from your contribution to the growth and development of the country, these countries also have an immense benefit that they offer to permanent residents, and Australia is not an exception.

  1. Freedom to work and associates with any employer of your choice
  2. Opportunity to live, work, and settle permanently with your family or spouse
  3. Access to free and affordable health care services for your kids, family, and self
  4. Access to free quality educational services
  5. Retirement and social security benefits once you retire
  6. As a permanent resident holder, you are eligible to sponsor your relatives to Australia.

What Are The Stages Of Application For The Australia Skilled Immigration?

Generally, there are four stages of application for the Australia skilled immigration program. It involves the following steps:

Step 1: Consultation with our Australian immigration professionals to determine your


Step 2: Skill Assessment to prove that you’re fit to enter and work in Australia

Step 3: Expression of Interest which will be done through Australia’s SkillSelect portal

Step 4: Apply for State or regional sponsorship if your profile fits into any of the categories

Step 5: Apply for your Visa

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DM-Consultant is an authorized Australian immigration consultant in Kuwait, and we have our representing MARA certified lawyers who are based in Australia. It is pertinent to work with our certified lawyers because they provide immigration advice and assist with the client’s profile from Australia. This is necessary because the Australia immigration policies are quite complex. Hence, a registered MARA lawyer would be in the best position to decide the best immigration path for an individual.

We have consistently displayed our professionalism and passion for excellence by assisting families, individuals, and students to secure a permanent residency visa in Australia.

Our team of experts is always available to consult, guide, and help you throughout the quite compound Australia application process.

General Skilled Migration in Australia: Visa Categories

There are lots of visa classes and sub-class when it comes to the Australian immigration system. However, Australian PR applicants who are either sponsored by a state, employer, eligible relative, or self-sponsored can apply under the following categories:

  • Skilled Independent 189;
  • Skilled Regional 489(Provisional)
  • Skilled work regional 491;
  • Skilled Regional Visa 887(Provisional – Permanent);
  • Skilled employer-sponsored regional 494;
  • Skilled Nominated 190;
  • Regional sponsored migration scheme 187.

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