Overview of Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

Is Nova Scotia your targeted region to immigrate to Canada? You can apply for the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSPNP) from Kuwait to permanent residence in Canada. The Atlantic Province hosts PNPs to attract skilled immigrants. The Provincial Nominee Program is open to individuals who want to immigrate and have the skills and experience needed in Nova Scotia.

Suppose you wish to migrate to Nova Scotia through their Provincial Nominee Program. In that case, DM Immigration Consultants in Kuwait has the expertise of over a decade to be part of successful Canadian PR applications. You can immigrate to Nova Scotia through Canada PNP for academics, a better career, and investment purposes.


Significance of Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

Nova Scotia is a preferred immigration location for many job aspirants due to huge vacancies owing to workforce shortages. It is the smallest province in Canada after Prince Edward Island but offers residents a good quality of life at affordable rates. Nova Scotia’s slow pace means families can spend more time together and participate in the many fun activities offered throughout the province.

The beautiful province is situated on Canada’s east coast, surrounded by the great Atlantic Ocean. The province encompasses the natural beauty of the rolling seas, lush green forests, and farmland. Nova Scotia participates in the PNP Program Canada to fill the gaps to build a robust economy. It nominates applicants that qualify under the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program, and NS issues a nominee certificate to fasten the Canada PR process.

Choose your stream for Nova Scotia PNP

This PNP Canada Migration program targets prospective immigrants with the skills and experience to boost Nova Scotia’s economy and tackle demographic challenges.

Candidates who meet the criteria of one of the different streams can be nominated for Nova Scotia PNP, with a target processing time of three months.

Different streams are:

Experience: Express Entry

Express Entry attracts highly skilful overseas professionals who want to settle permanently in Nova Scotia. This category needs a minimum of one year of expertise in a specialised position in Nova Scotia.

Demand: Express Entry

This category is for educated and competent foreigners by inviting applicants with enough CRS points from the Express Entry pool.

Skilled Worker

It is a streamlined process open to capable foreign workers to settle in Nova Scotia after obtaining their permanent residency in Canada in less than six months.


It is a new program to help solve the shortage of physicians by attracting and retaining doctors.


This program allows entrepreneurs with the potential to establish a business and generate many job opportunities and add to the province's economy.

International Graduate Entrepreneur

Under this stream, international graduates who have completed their studies or post-graduate work may be considering staying in Nova Scotia permanently.

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Eligibility Requirements to Apply for Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Various streams to apply for Nova Scotia Nominee Programs have different eligibility requirements. However, some of the main conditions are listed below

  • Meet educational credentials after assessment by a verified authority
  • Relevant job expertise
  • Proficient in English or French
  • Job offer from a registered employer
  • Required educational credentials
  • Profile registered in IRCC Canada’s Express Entry System with a minimum score of 67 or more
  • Commitment to living in Nova Scotia permanently
  • Settlement support and financial resources

Necessary Documents to Apply for Nova Scotia PNP Program

Below is the list of essential documents to apply to Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

  • Valid passport and travel documents
  • ECA from an authorised agency
  • Physical and mental health report
  • No criminal record proof
  • Work experience and training credentials
  • Financial stability proof
  • Completed application form
  • Supporting documents

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How to Apply for a Nova Scotia PNP?

The application for Canada PR through Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program involves the following process:

  • The applicant gives an Expression of Interest in Nova Scotia.
  • The successful candidate will receive the nomination certificate from the province.
  • Nova Scotia PNP is linked with the Express Entry; therefore, candidates with a valid profile in Express Entry will receive 600 extra points in their CRS system.
  • You can now submit a request for Permanent Residence in Canada and receive an Invitation to Apply.
  • Gather all the required documents and apply for a Canada PR by contacting IRCC.

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  • Professional support and review in arranging the required documents
  • Assistance in creating a profile in the Canada Express Entry Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions on Nova Scotia PNP Programs

No, it is a peninsula connected to other Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick and the mainland of Canada by a 28.2 km (17.5 miles) wide piece of land.
English is the primary language, and French is widely spoken, with many services offered in French. Centuries of vibrant Mi'kmaq, Acadian, Celtic and African cultures give Nova Scotia its distinctive voice and character.
A job offer must be from a designated employer from Nova Scotia. The work permit will be employer-specific and limited to the employee working in a specific position for a particular employer. The offer to the applicant must list the following requirements: • Contact information of the company • Job title and description • Work Experience • Start and end date, if applicable • Salary and benefits
An open work permit authorises an immigrant to accept employment in Canada without needing an LMIA. Once Nova Scotia has nominated applicants, their spouses can enrol for that permit. An open work permit allows them to work for any employer or occupation. Post Graduate Work Permit is given to international students who have completed their studies in Canada.
Applicants cover all the expenses associated with immigration. Employers are responsible for all costs related to the recruitment of foreign workers. Usually, it takes a minimum of three months for a completed application
• Healthcare practitioners and Nurses • Food & Beverage workers • Accountants & administrative officers • Truck drivers and truck driver cleaners If you have experience in skilled in-demand jobs, start today to apply for a Nova Scotia PNP Program to live, work, and settle in Canada.
The National Occupation Classification (NOC) is a nationally accepted reference for classifying and understanding Canadian occupations. Over 40,000 job titles are organised into 500 group descriptions. Description items include duties, skills, interests, aptitudes, education requirements, and work settings for occupations in the Canadian labour market.
You can move anywhere in Canada after getting your Permanent Residence. But the province has nominated you to use your skills and experience to contribute to its growth.
DM Immigration Consultant is the authorised partner of IDP and the British Council. The candidates can take their IELTS test in any of our branches in the UAE. Contact our registered Canadian consultants in Kuwait to get more info.
We provide complete support to make your relocation easy. So, our service continues even after landing in Canada. Our post-landing services include: • Pickup from the airport after landing • Assistance in searching for accommodation • Help with Bank Account Opening, Social Security Number, and getting a health card in Canada. • Information about children's school admission process • Job search assistance
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