Overview of Canada Express Entry Program

Is Canada in your immigration plans to study, live, or work? It is the right choice as Canada is considered the best immigration destination for foreigners. Now you can migrate to the North American Country from Kuwait faster by getting a Permanent Residence visa under Canada Express Entry Program.

The Canadian government offers Canadian immigration options under Economic Immigration Programs, Express Entry, and Provincial Nominee Programs to attract highly skilled foreign professionals annually. Canada Express Entry is the most preferred and fast immigration system, which works on a Comprehensive Ranking System score.

Canada Express Entry, introduced in 2015, is the primary way the Canadian government provides permanent residence to skilled workers. This fast-track Express entry visa Canada reduces the processing time for immigration due to recent developments in immigration process.

How Express Visa Canada works

Eligible candidates submit their profiles on the website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). They receive a CRS score, and IRCC invites applicants with the highest CRS scores every two weeks to apply for permanent residence. The immigration candidates with a valid Canada Express Entry CRS profile receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR. According to reports, Canada plans to welcome over 500,000 immigrants annually from 2023-2025. So, if you want to benefit from this program, enrol in Canada Immigration Express Entry.

The aspirant must fulfil eligibility criteria, score maximum CRS points and accumulate all the necessary documents. But, proceeding with the Canada Express Entry application without professional guidance can result in the refusal of the visa. If you’re an applicant willing to shift to Canada and become a Canadian Citizen, get expert support from an CICC-Registered Canada Consultants in Kuwait.

DM Consultant Kuwait, the top Canadian immigration consultants in the country, can guide you in the Canadian immigration application process and provide guaranteed results throughout the immigration journey for skilled occupation worker and international students. Discuss with us today to migrate to Canada from Kuwait and our immigration officer will help you with complete Canadian immigration assessment in order to meet all immigration policies.

Why Migrate to Canada through Express Entry?

Through Express Entry, IRCC issues permanent resident visas to successful candidates far more quickly. Successful candidates can get Express visa Canada within six months, compared with six years under the old system.

In addition to being faster, the Canada Express Entry Skilled Worker program benefits immigrant candidates because the well-researched CRS by the Canadian government helps them to succeed in Canada and find good jobs. Immigrants who are young and middle-aged and have higher education qualifications, professional work experience, and high levels of English or French skills succeed more in the job market of Canada. Before acquiring a Canada PR, understand its benefits:

  • Processing time in six months
  • Electronically processed application
  • Minimum CRS Score required
  • Open opportunity to recruit more foreign nationals

If you want to apply for the Canada Immigration Express Entry program, contact experienced professionals from the No. 1 Canada immigration agency in Kuwait. If you currently live in Kuwait and are willing to apply for Canadian PR, do not go further. DM Immigration consultants in Kuwait have helped many people immigrate through the Canada express entry program from Kuwait.

Types of Canada Express Entry Programs

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

CEC is for skilled workers who have work experience in Canada. To be eligible to apply for this class of the Canada Permanent Residence pathway, the candidate must have gained work experience in the three years before you apply.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

FSWP is for skilled workers with foreign work experience. An applicant's eligibility for immigration is usually based on points scored from various features, like age, official languages proficiency, work experience, etc.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

FSTP is for skilled professional workers who are qualified in a skilled trade. The applicant must have an authentic job offer from a Canadian employer or a certificate of qualification.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

PNP allows the provinces in Canada to nominate talented, skilled workers to fulfil the emerging demand in the labour market. Once a province nominates, the applicant will get an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR.

Eligibility Requirements for Canada Immigration Express Entry From Kuwait

To be eligible for Canada Immigration Express Entry, the applicants must the minimum requirements. Applicants must score 67 out of 100 points including required points for English language exam. The points for Canada Express Entry qualification are calculated on the following basis:


Language Skills
Education Credentials
Work Experience
Employment Offer
Sponsors in Canada (Relatives)
Total Points
100 Points

Who Qualifies to Apply for Canada Express Entry Program?

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for Canada immigration Kuwait, below is mentioned a list of the immigration requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 years to enter the Canada Express Entry pool
  • At least one year of required work experience
  • Valid job offer in Canada or Canadian work experience
  • Financial stability or backing proofs
  • No criminal or security records on you

Visit the best Canada immigration agency in Kuwait or chat with our expert agents to know your eligibility to enrol for a Canada Express Entry Kuwait program. Our online presence of the professional consultancy allows everyone to apply with complete applications in order to meet points-based system.

Documents Required to Apply for Express Entry Visa Canada

  • A copy of a valid passport from the country of origin with relevant travel details
  • Birth Certificate
  • Identity proof
  • Verified Educational certificates/college degrees by authorized agencies
  • Fulfil language abilities requirement
  • Statement of current bank account as proof of funds
  • Health examination report supervised by a registered physician from CICC
  • Police clearance certificate with no criminal offence

You can contact our experienced Canada immigration consultant in Kuwait if you require assistance preparing the necessary documents and deal with immigration authorities and immigration counsel.

How to Apply for Canada Express Entry Program From Kuwait?

If you’re eligible for one of the programs through Express Entry, you can start your application for Canada PR.

  • Check if you have the required skills as per eligibility requirements
  • Check your score and get your documents ready along with the Canadian Government fees
  • Create an impressive profile in the Canada Express Entry pool
  • Receive an Invitation to Apply from IRCC to proceed with the Canadian PR application with Government processing fees.

Creating an impressive profile in the Canada Express Entry stream and filling the ITA for Canada PR takes a lot of work. We have a team of professional consultants to help you seek a Canada visa Kuwait under various Canadian immigration programs. Our immigration lawyers can guide you throughout the immigration applications process, permanent residence applications, permanent residence fee, Government fees payments,  and assist you in getting the Canada PR quickly. Contact us today to earn a Canadian residence and enjoy wide range of immigration services.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Canada PR through Express Entry

The Canadian government offers many skilled immigration programs for overseas people that let you work, study and settle in Canada with your family. Contact the CICC-Registered Canadian Consultants in Kuwait to find the right immigration program.
To be eligible, make sure you are aware of the Canada Express Entry program guide. The candidates require to score 67 points plus out of 100. The points for Canada Express Entry and provincial are calculated on the basis as follows:
  • Age of the applicant
  • Work experience
  • Education and skill set/skill type
  • Official language proficiency
  • A valid offer letter from a Canadian Employer
To be eligible for Canada PR through the Canada Express Entry program, the applicant must score a minimum proficiency grade of CLB 7 or 6 points on each section of the IELTS test (speaking, writing, reading, and listening).
The most straightforward pathway to increase your IELTS score is by enrolling in an IELTS training session. As one of Kuwait's top Canadian immigration consultancies, DM provides complimentary IELTS training sessions for our clients without additional fees. You can access handbooks and tutorials, which will help you to improve your IELTS score.
Hiring a lawyer to go through the ideal Express Entry process is not mandatory but can benefit you. An experienced and trustworthy Canadian immigration lawyer can maximise your prospects of getting approval under a federal Express Entry for a modest legal fee.
A job offer is optional to be successful under the Express Entry program. Obtaining a job offer does not guarantee success; however, it will help increase your CRS score.
An Express Entry profile of an applicant can be valid for a year. After filing ITA, the process of Canada PR takes around six months. The Canadian government measures the processing time when a complete permanent residency application is received, and the procedure ends when a final decision for permanent residence status is announced. If you are still waiting to receive an ITA from the government within a year of creating an Express Entry profile, you can re-submit their profile.
We're one of the top immigration consultants in Dubai. We provide transparent, reliable, and efficient immigration and visa consultation services for all major countries, including – Canada, US, UK, Australia &, etc. Our highlights are:  Complementary Free Eligibility Check and IELTS Training Session  Official IELTS Partner with British Council  Dedicated Case Officer to support you 24X7  CICC-Certified Canada immigration agents
The age limit for Canada PR is 18-35 years. Applicants who are 36 and over may still be eligible, however, they must provide additional documentation that demonstrates their language and work experience.
To be eligible for Canada PR through the Express Entry system, you must score a minimum of 67 points out of 100. The points are based on factors such as age, language proficiency, education level, and work experience.
The fee for Express Entry in Canada is $1,325 per principal applicant and any accompanying family members. This includes the right of permanent residence fee.
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