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There has been no better outstanding country to visit and spend your holidays if it’s not Australia. Of course, you may decide to visit for reasons such as business, family reunion, academic seminars, conferences, and vacation.

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    Australia Visit Visa Application in Kuwait

    There has been no better outstanding country to visit and spend your holidays if it’s not Australia. Of course, you may decide to visit for reasons such as business, family reunion, academic seminars, conferences, and vacation.

    Either way, Australia is a breathtakingly beautiful country with a dynamic landscape, culture, economy, and political stability. Perhaps, it is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world for both short and long-term visits.

    However, the immigration process for Australia requires strict compliance with the provisions of the department of home affairs. Else, you might be denied entry into the country on a visit visa.

    Fortunately, there are experienced Australia immigration consultants and lawyers, particularly those that are registered with MARA. With their expertise, you will no doubt experience a seamless visa application as long as you meet the requirements.

    This and many more are what we possess at DM-Consultants. A team of immigration experts and lawyers, who have over the years, contributed immensely to the successful migration of individuals to Australia within different visa categories.

    It is our principal responsibility to counsel you on the application requirements and assess your profile to ensure that you meet-up with the eligibility.

    Afterward, our lawyers will take up your case and apply on your behalf for a visit visa to Australia from Kuwait.


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    What are the different types of Australia Visit Visa?

    Generally, there are about 16 categories of Australia visit visa. The right visa option for you will depend on your purpose 9f visiting the country.

    Each of these visas has different duration, processing times, and cost of application. Some of them include:

    VISA CATEGORY Purpose Validity Approx. Cost Processing time
    Tourist stream (outside/Inside Australia) – subclass 600 For tourists or individuals who want to visit family and friends aside from the medical and business purpose Up to 12 months AUD 145 Between 18 – 27 days
    eVisitor – subclass 651 Applicable to those that wish to visit Australia very often within the space of 12 months. Each visit can last up to 3 months Up to 3 months per visit Free About 2 days
    Electronic travel authority – subclass 601 Same with eVisitor Up to 3 months per visit Up to AUD 20 for the online application Not disclosed
    First working holiday visa – subclass 417 Permits individuals between age 18 – 35, who are citizens of Canada, Ireland, and French citizens to have their work holiday in Australia and also work during that period 12 months AUD 485 Between 14 – 26 days
    Business visitor stream – subclass 600 For individuals who want to visit Australia mainly for business purpose Up to 3 months AUD 145 Between 11 – 17 days


    There are other categories of Australia visit visa, and you can check the complete list here.

    Eligibility and Requirements for the Australia Visit Visa

    Although the eligibility might vary for each category of visa, below are some of the documents or requirements that you will need:

    1. Valid passport copy
    2. Medical report to certify that you are free from any infectious disease
    3. Provide documents that prove your genuine intent of visiting Australia and your willingness to exit at the end of your stay
    4. Proof of sufficient funds
    5. The application must support the best interest of any attached minor under 18 years

    How to apply for Australia Visit Visa in Kuwait

    Most of the application is online. The first step is to ensure you have accurate documents and information.

    The next step is to apply through your immiaccount and wait for the outcome.

    Nevertheless, our expert consultants are adept at the processing, and we will guide you throughout your application.


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