Overview of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

New Brunswick province in Canada offers excellent jobs and money-saving opportunities due to the low cost of living. This Atlantic place is the sole province in Canada where both English and French are accepted as the official languages by the government.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program is a pathway to acquire Canadian PR for skilled and experienced foreigners. The aspirants who meet the criteria set by the regional government receive a provisional nomination certificate.

If you want to relocate to New Brunswick, you can use this Canada Provincial Nominee Program to acquire a Permanent Residence.

The northeastern province regularly participates in the PNP program, besides the Express Entry and Atlantic Immigration Program, to appeal to specialists to boost the region’s economy.

DM Consultant Kuwait specialises in giving immigration services to Canada. We have experienced consultants who know the details of the Provincial Nominee Program in New Brunswick and will help you to apply successfully for the program with expert advice and assistance in the documentation.

Why migrate to New Brunswick in Canada

Located in the Atlantic region, New Brunswick is the most significant maritime region in Canada. The bilingual province offers excellent job opportunities with affordable living costs. During summer, its sandy beaches are the top attraction, fabulous foliage gathers around autumn, beautiful flowers sprout in spring, and winter sees a white blanket of snow.

It houses excellent valleys, hills, beautiful lakes, rivers, and outdoor recreational sites. New Brunswick has experienced immigration on a smaller scale from all over the world and today boasts a varied and increasingly multicultural population.

There are various reasons for choosing Canada PR application through the NBPNP program:

  • Settle with the whole family in this Atlantic province
  • Better salaries and lower living cost
  • Easy procedure to get a Permanent Residence Canada
  • Opportunity to set up new business

So, if you have work and educational credentials, you can Migrate to Canada from Kuwait. 

Different streams for New Brunswick PNP

New Brunswick plays host to several unique PNP Canada Immigration programs designed to attract and retain newcomers who can fill gaps in the workforce and contribute meaningfully to local economies and communities.

There are various ways to get a nomination certificate for Canada Permanent Residence under New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program:

  • Express Entry: It authorises the NBPNP to use the Canada Express Entry option and functions below an Expression of Interest (EOI) model. You received an invitation to apply.
  • Skilled Workers: This stream is for individuals with an offer letter from a designated employer in New Brunswick. It can be a highly-skilled, semi-skilled, or low-skilled worker.
  • Business immigration: It is based on investment plans in the region. The applicant must have experience as an owner or manager of a business for at least three years and desire to reside in New Brunswick permanently.
  • Strategic Initiative: This is mainly for French speakers with the skills, qualifications, and work experience to add to the economy permanently.
  • Atlantic Immigration Program: New Brunswick participates in the AIP along with three other provinces in the Atlantic region of Canada. Foreign nationals residing outside or inside Canada temporarily can apply under AIP with a valid job offer.

To know which stream suits you the best to apply for New Brunswick PNP, Contact us today. We have an experienced team of ICCRC-registered consultants in Kuwait.

Who is Eligible to Apply for New Brunswick PNP

Like other PNP programs from Canadian provinces, New Brunswick also has separate eligibility criteria for Canada PR application

  • Written commitment to living and working in New Brunswick
  • Age between 22 and 55 years
  • Job offer desired work experience and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Meets education credentials
  • Proof of funds needed for settlement
  • Meet language criteria in English or French
  • Ability to score at least 50 points on a selection grid

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Documents required for New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

Before applying for Canada PNP in New Brunswick, ensure the following documents are ready in digital format, also:

  • Valid passport with relevant travel details
  • Police clearance report and health assessment details
  • Signed application form
  • Work experience proof and letters of reference from previous employers
  • Educational / Training qualifications
  • Financial support proof
  • Evidence of relationship in Canada (if required)
  • Consent and Declaration form
  • Photocopies

We help arrange documents to ensure your application is approved without many hassles.

How to apply for New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

To apply for Canada PR from Kuwait under NBPNP, you require the following things

  • Check your eligibility through the correct category. Perform a document checklist
  • Job offer, needed work, educational credentials
  • Research on Canada and New Brunswick
  • Apply to attach all the required documents
  • After successful application, receive a provincial nomination certificate
  • IRCC will decide on granting Canada PR

Why DM Consultant Kuwait?

Applying for Permanent Residence in Canada through New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program will require professional consultants to make your immigration process easy and less time-consuming. By choosing DM Immigration Consultants in Kuwait, you will get assistance in completing the application without any hassles.

  • Assistance in Educational Certificate Assessment from an authorised body
  • Free IELTS training to enhance language proficiency
  • Help in completing the Canada PR and work permit application
  • Prepare you for an interview
  • Provide job assistance in Canada after landing

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Frequently Asked Questions on New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

New Brunswick has one of the simplest methods in Canada to get PR. The province usually gives fast replies to eligible aspirants who meet exact market needs in New Brunswick.
The province has a low living cost, so one can live a plush life in the picturesque province even with a modest income. The housing cost, food, and heating power are lower than in other areas in North America.
Once you submit all the documents, it usually takes 9-12 months in most posts for IRCC to process your applications and grant you a New Brunswick permanent resident.
DM Consultant Kuwait has a qualified team of Canadian Immigration consultants, and we will help you throughout the process. For further details, you can contact our ICCRC-registered Canada consultants in Kuwait by scheduling a FREE Consultation today.
New Brunswick's stream aligns with Canada's federal Express Entry immigration selection system. This category is called New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream, also known as an enhanced Express Entry stream. Under this, candidates receive an extra 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, resulting in an Invitation To Apply for permanent residence issued at a subsequent draw from the Express Entry pool.
After getting Canada PR, you can study, work, or live anywhere in the country. However, if you acquired permanent residence through the Provincial Nominee Program, New Brunswick, that gave you a nomination certificate has chosen you to bring skills to their province.
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