Skilled Immigration from Kuwait

Are you a skilled worker with a relevant work experience in any in-demand jobs in Canada or Australia? Or you have the qualifications and credentials to become a highly skilled worker to boost the country’s economy. You can apply for Canadian and Australia Permanent Residence via Skilled Immigration Programs.

These countries are facing labour shortages to fill in the vacancies due to ever-increasing economic growth. Applicants who have the required skills, knowledge, and educational qualifications can achieve their dream of working abroad with Canadian and Australian Skilled Immigration Programs.

These countries come up with a skilled occupation list. The comprehensive list of eligible skilled occupations summarises the government’s need to fill skill shortages.

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Know about Skilled Immigration

Skilled immigration workers are selected as permanent residents based on their work experience, knowledge of English and education, or another primary language like French in a particular country, and other factors. These things often help them succeed in the newly adopted country. They are usually highly trained professionals in a specific field. Examples of university-educated skilled labour include engineers, scientists, doctors and teachers, while examples of vocationally educated workers include crane operators, CDL truck drivers, machinists, drafters, plumbers, artisans, cooks and accountants.

The skilled stream of the migration programs is usually designed to attract migrants who contribute significantly to the country’s economy and fill positions where no native workers are available. Skilled migrants have excessive participation in the workforce, enabling them to stimulate economic growth, which results in more jobs.

The Skilled stream also plays a vital role in regional development by providing skills and labour that can’t be sourced locally, encouraging investment, and promoting local spending in regional areas.

Choose Your Skilled Immigration Program

Many countries offer Skilled Immigration Programs due to gaps in their labour market and boost the economy. Canada and Australia are right up there to attract skilled immigrants. Both countries offer high quality of life, plenty of work and investment opportunities and permanent residence, leading to citizenship and a strong passport. These developed destinations are perfect for starting a new life.

Czech Republic Work Visa

Begin your dream job in the Czech Republic by availing Czech Work Permit. The company recruiting a candidate from outside the country and member EU states needs to prove to the Labour Ministry that only overseas skilled professionals can accomplish the particular work. Get assistance from our work permit agents in Kuwait.


A Canada work permit allows you to stay in the region and pursue jobs for a stipulated time. A work permit authorises you to work there. A job offer is only necessary in some cases. You could opt for an Employer-specific work permit or an open work permit. Get in touch with our experienced work visa agents in Kuwait.

Poland Work Visa


Migrate to Australia or Canada as Skilled Worker

Skilled immigration is for people selected to immigrate to Canada or Australia because of their work experience and skills.

Australia is the 6th largest country, with a population of just 22 million. Australian Passport is the 7th best Passport in the world, enabling Visa Free Travel to 168 countries. To be eligible to apply for skilled immigration to Australia, an applicant should be under 45, with a specific occupation listed on the SKOL, with enough points to pass the points test and a fairly proficient level of English. The qualifying score is 65 points for Skilled Subclasses, which are: Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa), Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa), and Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated Visa).

Canada has a low population and is the second-largest country, with a steady employment rate of around 92%. Canadian Passport is regarded as the 2nd best Passport in the world, enabling Visa Free Travel to 173 countries. The candidate should have a job offer, be eligible to work in Canada or establish enough money to support themselves and their dependents after arriving in Canada to become eligible under Canada skilled immigration.

The candidate must have the required work experience; required language proficiency in English or French; and have a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree. Work experience must be either Skill Level A, Skill Level B, or Skill Type 0, on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC). A minimum of 67 CRS score is required to be eligible to apply as a Federal Skilled Worker.

Both countries offer the following benefits:

  • Multicultural societies with the best social benefits, including Free School Education, subsidised higher education, access to better health care etc.
  • Best economies offer unlimited career opportunities and high quality of life.
  • Work rights to the spouse and benefits to dependents.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Skilled Immigration

Skilled workers become eligible for permanent residence based on their education, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors. These things often help them succeed in Canada or Australia. DM Immigration Consultant in Kuwait provides FREE Assessment and Evaluation to check your eligibility to apply for Canadian or Australian skilled immigration.
Skilled labour usually refers to individuals who work in jobs requiring relevant experience and education, like college degrees and advanced degrees, and are highly trained professionals in a specific field. Examples of university-educated skilled labour include engineers, scientists, doctors and teachers, while examples of vocationally educated workers include crane operators, CDL truck drivers, machinists, drafters, plumbers, artisans, cooks and accountants.
You will require 67 points out of 100 if you want to qualify in the Federal Skilled Worker stream. If a candidate is accepted into the Express Entry pool, there is no guarantee of getting an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR. The invitation will be based on the score and ranking in the collection of Express Entry using the Comprehensive Ranking System.
Yes, you can find a job in Canada without having work experience. However, your success depends on a couple of factors, especially whether you are inside Canada and have a Canadian education. We, the best immigration consultants in Kuwait, assist applicants in getting a visa for Canada through the skilled immigration program. As complementary, we can guide you in searching for a job in Canada.
The top 10 occupations in-demand in Australia are: Medical Practitioners Teachers and educational assistants Software programmers and developers Contractors and engineers Electricians Plumbers Motor mechanics Carpenters and joineries Physiotherapists Chefs If you fill in the requirements for any occupations listed above, you can apply for skilled Australian immigration. Contact us now to check your eligibility.
Yes! If you are a student migrating to Australia for studies. However, it depends on the type of university you wish to enrol in. DM Immigration has authorised testing centres to undertake IELTS tests across all the UAE branch offices. We are the official partners of the British Council.
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