Over the years, there has been a gradual change in the trend of immigration to Canada. The introduction of the Canadian skilled immigration program in 2015 has brought about a dramatic change, not only in the immigration industry but in the economy of Canada in general.

The program is referred to as the Federal Express Entry System. It consists of three major sub-categories: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade, Canadian Experience Class. The primary purpose of the establishment of this program is to attract skilled and experienced workers who will contribute their quota to the growth and development of the Canadian environment.


In return, the government will issue a permanent residency status in Canada to successful applicants. Notwithstanding, the application for skilled Canada immigration programs have become very competitive over the years, especially with its increasing effect and nominations from various provincial nomination programs. But then, DM-Consultants, have no doubt, recorded tremendous success in assisting intending skilled immigrants to migrate to Canada successfully.

A Trusted Canada Work Permit Agent In Kuwait: How Do We Assist You?

One of the fundamental requirements of working with any Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait is ICCRC authorization/representation. DM-Consultants is a licensed immigration company with lawyers who update the company regularly with the latest immigration policies and practices together with the processing of our client’s profile.

Aside from that, our pride in success lies in our ability to assemble a team of professionals, who have over the years, mastered the ethics and practices regarding Canada immigration. Our staff undergoes regular training to ensure that they are kept abreast of any recent development in the system.

Therefore, our first step in assisting you is to provide a comprehensive consulting session with our experts. We shall assess your profile, and use the result to guide you on the appropriate skilled Canada Immigration program that is suitable for you or your spouse (where applicable).

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Therefore, if you desire to consult a reliable and authorized immigration company in Kuwait, with proven records of success in the Canadian immigration process, then it would not be out of place to contact DM-Consultants today.

Migrate to Canada from Kuwait: A Brief Overview of the Various Skilled programs

As mentioned earlier, the demand to migrate to Canada is increasing daily, hence the increase in competition among applicants who enter the pool through various channels. Some of these channels include the Federal Express Entry Skilled, Provincial Nominee Program, the Quebec skilled worker.

All these skilled Canada Immigration pathways offer a route to permanent residency in Canada.

1: Express Entry – as earlier stated, this is a program through which the government controls permanent residency applications for Federal Skilled worker, Federal Skilled Trade, and the Canadian Experience Class.

It is a point-based system, and each applicants’ point is holistically calculated using a tool known as the CRS.

Also, various provinces, via the provincial nominee program, select some set of candidates in the federal pool, who are qualified and have shown interest in working and residing in that particular territory.

To qualify for selection, you need to ensure that you meet the eligibility for each program. Some of the vital factors that determine your eligibility for the express entry program is your age, skilled work experience, English/French language proficiency, level of education, Canadian experience, among others. In summary, the program works in five stages:

  • Determine your eligibility
  • Provide the necessary documents
  • Enter a profile into the federal Express Entry Pool
  • Wait for an invitation/selection
  • Apply for permanent residency.

You can read more  about the express entry eligibility and application.

2: Quebec Skilled Worker Program: this is a specific immigration program, designed by the government of Quebec to invite highly skilled immigrants to work and become permanent residents of the province.

The QSWP has its unique requirements, quite different from that of the express entry. However, proficiency in the French language is a very vital asset for intending applicants.

3: Provincial Nominee Program – many provinces have also decided their means of inviting professionals and artisans to live and reside permanently in the region. Most times, the territories select these workers from the Federal Express Entry pool.

A candidate who receives a provincial nomination and meets other eligibility is confident of becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot program is another relevant route to PR in Canada, even though it directly involves the applicant and his or her respective employer.

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