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DM Immigration consultants in Kuwait is a dynamic group of certified, licensed, and experienced consultants worldwide. DM Consultants’ climb to the top of the ladder in the UAE’s immigration sector began from humble beginnings. As the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs with a broad vision – Chetan Kumbhar and Vidisha Kumbhar, DM was set up with the sole goal:

To build the desired infrastructure that enables Immigration based on the most transparent, efficient and error-free processes.

A decade on, DM Consultants is now broadly considered one of the pioneers of the now flourishing immigration sector in GCC countries. The company has earned a good reputation for successfully serving clients in its immigration and visa processes from various parts of the world. We have offices in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Toronto, Delhi, Mumbai, Doha, Muscat and Pune, to name a few, besides the main office in Dubai.

Our team of Certified Immigration consultants, Canadian-ICCRC, and MARA-Australia registered lawyers provide professional consulting services and represent clients’ cases through the appropriate channel.

We are specialised visa consultants in Kuwait and process immigrant visas for study, work, business, investment, and family purposes. Besides, our sister concern, DM Citizenship by Investment, focuses on helping high-net-worth individuals secure residency and citizenship through various investment programs.
With a decade of experience helping clients with over 10,000 worldwide visas, we have earned an excellent reputation as the best immigration consultants in Kuwait.

Why Choose DM Immigration Consultants in Kuwait?

DM Immigration Consultants in Kuwait can take care of your immigration and visa process regardless of where you wish to migrate. Our consultants are legally certified and skilled to make your visa application from Kuwait successfully.

Our strong presence across three continents and the bifurcation of DM Consultants to DM Citizenship by Investment and DM Student Immigration is part of our ongoing efforts to offer the best quality service to our clients. Apart from our global HQ in Dubai, DM currently has branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi. In addition, we will soon open new branches in various cities across India and start our first branch in the Philippines.

Our Visa consultants in Kuwait have years of experience and expertise to turn your dreams into reality. Let us talk to find the right solution to start your journey toward successful migration.

Here are a few of the reasons to choose DM Consultant Kuwait for visa consultancy services;

  • We will select the best option for you: Every country has different immigration programs, and we can choose the best option after analysing your credentials. You also can change your status during your stay in the newly adopted country. We provide pre and post-migration services to make your immigration hassle-free.
  • Understanding of Immigration Laws & Policies: Our certified consultants know the immigration policies and laws of the countries we cover for our clients. Since the rules and procedures of immigration keep changing, we assist you in meeting the demands due to the revised policies effectively and promptly.
  • Representation of Your Case:  Our expert visa consultants handle your files and prospects professionally. If the clients meet only some of their needs, we give proper professional advice on how they can acquire the remaining provisions to complete their eligibility.
  • Free Legal Assessment: At DM Consultants in Kuwait, we conduct a legal assessment before your application starts to ensure that you become eligible for the process you are applying for so that you won’t channel your time and money into the wrong course.
  • Registered Consultants: DM Consultant Kuwait is registered with ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) in Australia. It ensures our clients cater to the demands of official immigration authorities effectively and efficiently.


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Our CICC & MARA Certified Immigration Consultants in Kuwait

CICC Certified Counselors

Mr Gurpreet Singh Matta
ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant – RCIC # R415351

We have a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), Mr Gurpreet Singh Matta, with a registration number (RCIC # R415351). He has an excellent knowledge of immigration laws and processes and the latest knowledge of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in Canada and its impact on application progress. Gurpreet is an accomplished immigration context strategist with tremendous experience in case management.

MARA (Migration Agent Registration Authority)

Riccardo James Patrick Ippoliti
MARA Certified Migration Agents – MARA #1386990

Our representative in Australia, Riccardo James Patrick Ippoliti, is a registered immigration practitioner at the MARA level (Migration Agent Registration Number: 1386990). His experience has been quite beneficial in overcoming challenges with various migration applications and ensuring that the correct description of our client’s profile remains maintained throughout the process. He has also significantly contributed to many migration cases for DM Consultants in Kuwait.

Why use Registered Migration Consultants in Kuwait?

A professionally prepared and submitted visa application with all the documents has a far better chance of getting quick approval. The rules and regulations keep changing and are complex for an ordinary person to understand fully. The concerned department’s evaluation of your application may become less complicated and take lesser time. You can get the right and to-the-point information related to the immigration process:

  • With the proper guidance from a licensed migration agent, you can increase your chances of visa approval.
  • Avail crucial advice and consultation on all migration process matters.
  • Minimise errors and delays by incomplete migration applications
  • Assistance in the arrangement of documents
  • Give training to improve language proficiency and assistance in Education Credential Assessment.
  • Work on the application to ensure your application meets the requirements of regulatory immigration authorities.

We at DM Consultant offer global immigration and visa services tailored to your needs. If you want to secure your work or tourist visa cost-effectively, contact our immigration advisors today!

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