Canada Economic Immigration Programs

Are you planning a Canadian migration from Kuwait? You are on the right track! Canada welcomes the immigration of qualified professionals with the skills and ability to boost the economy of Canada. The Canadian government has an annual immigration target for 2023 and 2024 to uplift the economy that suffered from the pandemic.

Immigration has helped Canada in economic recovery and increased population. Economic immigrants are well educated, fill targeted labour and skills shortages in the market, contribute to innovation and workplace diversity, and easily integrate into the Canadian labour market. The federal government has implemented several pilot programs to support rural and remote regions through economic immigration while supporting settlement and integration to help ensure newcomer success.

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What Makes Canada Best Place to Live and Work?

Canada is the preferred destination for foreigners who wish to explore diverse cultures, high-quality education, and healthcare. It is the popular choice for skilled workers to chase their dream job with better wages and get exposed to a high standard of living.

The Canadian government has made more accessible pathways for skilled people to immigrate, especially if they have the skill set required in the Canadian economy. Canada has a lot of opportunities and economic prospects.

Annually, almost 300,000 foreigners migrate to the North American country to work, study and settle. Your contribution and eligibility can lead to economic citizenship for Canada.

The top reasons why many immigrants prefer to relocate to Canada are as follows:

  • Opportunities available for high-paying jobs
  • Chance to avail dual citizenship and a powerful passport
  • Enjoy visa-free travel to around 188 countries
  • Flexibility in immigration rules
  • Diversity in work cultures
  • Fast growing economy
  • Easy access to healthcare facilities and top-quality education

So, if you plan to migrate to Canada from Kuwait to build a better lifestyle, contact DM’s ICCRC-registered Canada Consultants in Kuwait.

Choose Suitable Canada Economic Immigration Programs

Canada Immigration Department offers numerous skilled and business immigration programs to assist people in becoming permanent residents in Canada. Canada Economic Immigration Programs have many categories which act as a pathway for an applicant to become a resident. These programs also enable applicants to become Canadian citizens.


The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is an economic program targeted to attract foreigners with job offers in the Atlantic region who have received an endorsement by an Atlantic province and meet minimum education, work experience and language proficiency requirements. The participating Atlantic provinces include Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.


Canada Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot are to attract skilled immigrants who plan to establish a farming operation in rural communities and contribute to Canada's economic growth. With the RNIP initiative, the Canadian government is also backing immigrants with skills from diverse framework who wish to live in rural areas where more economic activity and population growth is needed.


This Morden's Community Driven Immigration Initiative is to cater to the massive demand for skilled workers, especially in the technology sector. The program provides a pathway for talented citizens worldwide to immigrate to Canada and become a crucial part of this flourishing community to contribute to the country's booming economic growth. The candidate needs to have an Express Entry Profile.

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Eligibility Criteria for Canada Economic Immigration Programs from Kuwait

Canada Economic Immigration Programs are created to bring skilled professionals and entrepreneurs who can add to the Canadian economy. This program permits people with the right skills to immigrate to Canada. To be eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence through these economic programs, the applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

  • A valid job offer
  • Evidence of personal net worth
  • 18 years old or above
  • Speak English or French proficiently

Who Qualifies to Apply for Canada PR under Economic Immigration Programs?

Canada immigration authorities have set up a point-based system for choosing immigrants and nominating them for permanent residence in Canada. The principal applicant can also migrate with his family. To become eligible for a Canada PR application under the economic immigration program, the candidate must reach at least 67 points out of 100. The points are assigned based on the following categories:

Age limit
12 points
Language proficiency
28 points
25 points
Work Experience
Skills and training
10 points
Job offers
10 points

How Can DM Immigration Consultants help you?

DM immigration consultants in Kuwait can make the immigration process smooth and hassle-free. We work with experienced Canadian immigration lawyers. Please register with us to apply for a Canada PR from Kuwait via Economic Immigration Programs. We provide the following services for the smooth processing of visa applications during your immigration journey:

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  • We will help you arrange all the documents and guide you in submitting the application form.
  • We will help you to enhance your CRS Score by providing FREE IELTS training sessions, assisting in getting ECA done and preparing you for the visa interview.
  • The Canadian government or provincial government will process your visa application. After receiving approval for the Canada visa, we will also offer post-landing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Economic Immigration Programs

Economic immigration is one of the immigration categories for people who wish to seek Canadian permanent residence based on their skills. Economic classes are identified as one of the following: • Federal Skilled Worker Program • Federal Skilled Trades Program • Quebec Skilled Workers • Provincial Nominee Program • Canadian Experience Class These economic categories allow a single applicant with a specific occupational skill and experience to choose a particular program. It includes management occupations, professional occupations, technical occupations and skilled trades.
Canada immigration authorities have set up a point-based system for choosing immigrants and nominating them for permanent residence in Canada. There are usually six selection factors to fetch you points • Skills in English or French • Education credentials • Work experience. • Age. • Employment offer in Canada. • Adaptability (how well they are likely to settle here)
Canada Immigration Department offers numerous immigration programs to assist skilled professionals in getting permanent residence in Canada. The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is an economic program targeted to attract foreigners with job offers in the Atlantic region. RNIP attracts skilled immigrants who plan to establish farming operations in rural communities and contribute to Canada's economic growth. Morden's Community Driven Immigration Initiative is to cater to the enormous demand for skilled workers, especially in the technology sector.
Yes, you can! However, the eligibility criteria and documents can vary according to the province and program you are applying for. Schedule a FREE consultation with the leading Canadian immigration consultancy in Kuwait to get professional expertise and guidance while applying for PNP programs.
The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is the Government of Canada's internal mechanism for ranking of candidates based on their human capital. It is determined by essential factors such as age limit, level of education and language ability. It helps to enable Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to decide which candidates should be issued invitations to apply for permanent residence. There are 600 points available under the system for a candidate's core human capital and skills transferability factors. They will give an additional 600 points to anyone with a confirmed job offer (i.e. having received a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment) in a skilled occupation or a provincial nomination.
Express Entry fast-tracks Canada immigration applications. Candidates can receive permanent residence status within six months. By 2025, Canada plans to invite half a million newcomers. After living in Canada for 3 out of 5 years of permanent residence, you become eligible for citizenship. A wise investment in Canada also can lead to citizenship at a faster pace.
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