How to Obtain Australia PR in 2020

Thinking of how you can obtain PR in 2020? One of the perfect destinations in Australia, and there are several pathways to becoming a permanent resident of Australia.

There is no easiest route to obtaining Australia PR; your choice of program is strongly determined by the strength of your profile.

Due to recent adjustments in the immigration program of Australia, the government has reduced the total number of permanent visas from 190,000 to 160,000.

As a result of these, certain slots have been allocated to each permanent visa class. Below is a chart that shows the different skilled migration programs in 2020 and their respective visa allocation.

From the chart above, you will agree with me that the Skilled Migration Programs has the majority of the allocation.

If you go further to analyze this chart, the Employer Nomination Class has a higher number of slots. It is believed that Employer-sponsored immigrants tend to deliver the required results.

The aim of the Employer Nomination Scheme is to bring-in immigrants with the right skills and work experience to fill in the skill shortages that occur in certain job positions.

Hence, the Skilled Migration Programs provide a better opportunity of obtaining PR in Australia by 2020, because there are more allocations under this category. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the selected program.

Moreover, if you work in the technology industry, then you can also apply through the Global Talent Scheme (GTS). Australia, being a fast-paced technological and innovation-focused country, established the GTS program to attract expert tech workers that will help to contribute to the future technological growth of the country.

In return, the government will offer such successful applicants a permanent resident visa.

In conclusion, there are various categories through which you can obtain Australia PR. However, the majority of these categories are more streamlined towards the Skilled Migration Programs.

Notwithstanding, we will guide you on the best category to apply for, depending on the suitability of your profile.

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