4 Interesting facts about Canada that you do not know

Of course, it is the dream of every foreigner to visit one of the world’s most prestigious countries. But are you aware of some interesting unknown facts about Canada?

Probably, all you must have heard about Canada is its land border with the USA or perhaps the love for hockey, maple.

Below, I shall show you some fascinating facts about Canada that will make you want to visit:

1: Food

Do you know that the most prevalent food among Canadians is cheese and macaroni? Though strange, there is no explanation for it. Besides, the origin of these foods in Canada is dated back to 1845!

In Canada, you will find a lot of doughnut shops, Tim Horton being the famous one.

No country in the whole world has a more significant number of doughnut shops than Canada.

Moreover, beers are very common in the country. Even at that, you must ensure that you have the appropriate authorization to transfer it to another province.

Otherwise, it is illegal.

2: Bear-Inscribed Car plates

When you visit the northwest provinces in Canada, it is not uncommon to find car plates that are bear-shaped. Fascinating, right? Let’s go further!

Do you know that in some regions, most drivers leave their cars open?

Why? So that people can quickly escape from these polar bears by jumping into the open cars.

That’s because there are so many polar bears in Canada. And interestingly, the government has a prison for bears.

3: The USA and Canada relationship

Have you ever heard of the Mall of America?

Yes, that is the biggest mall in the US, but it would interest you to know that an American does not own this mall.

Canadians own the mall instead!

How about the US invasion? Yes, the United States has tried to invade Canada twice but failed! Apparently, the most welcoming country to foreigners is also very good at defending her territories.

Very expensive gold coin

There is a gold coin with a narwhale inscription on it. It’s stunning, but then it cost quite a buck, at about $300. So, prepare some cash if you wish to have this prestigious coin.

Regardless of that, you can ignore the narwhale-inscribed coin and go for the one that is worth $1,000,000.

Quite a big amount, right? Interesting, that’s the real value of the coin!

There are more exciting and fascinating things to know about Canada. Besides, you can start your dream of visiting or migrating to Canada by contacting immigration consultants in Kuwait.

Comprehensive information & compliance to requirements is the key to a successful immigration process!

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