Apply for US tourist or visit visa from Kuwait

Whether you want to visit a relative in the US, travel for a business engagement, or visit any of the tourist areas in the country, you will definitely need to apply for a visit visa.

Of course, the US entertains thousands of visitors each year, and this cannot be unconnected to its economic stability, sociocultural heritage, respect for human rights, geographic terrain, and human capital development, among other reasons.

Due to recent changes in the US immigration policies, you need to strictly abide by the provisions for the visit visa application, else, you stand the chance of getting a denial.

Fortunately, DM-Consultants has a team of well-trained US visa agents and processors who are very experienced with the immigration policies and practices of the United States.

We process every application with a high degree of transparency and ensure that you are carried along throughout the process. Most importantly, we are keenly interested in the success of your application.


What are the different classes of US visit/tourist visa?

As a foreign immigrant traveling to the US for a short visit, you will most likely require the non-immigrant visa, except if you’re eligible for the visa waiver program.

In this case, a visitor visa is also a non-immigrant visa which you have to obtain if you plan to visit the US for tourism (B2), business (B1), or for both purposes (B1/B2).

1: Visitor visa B2:

you will need to apply for a B2 visa if you’re visiting the US for any of the following purposes:

  • Vacation
  • Medical services
  • Family & friends
  • Social engagements
  • Sports or musical events
  • Short recreational studies that do not offer a degree
  • Tourism

2: B1 Business Visitor visa: this is mainly for business and academic research purposes.

You will need to apply for this visa if you have an engagement with business partners in the US, have research or educational conference to attend, or a contract deal to negotiate.

3: Visa Waiver Program: this applies to citizens of countries who participate in the US visa waiver program. They can visit the US for a short period without the need for a visa.

Check here for the requirements, processing times, and steps to apply for the US visitor visa.

Please note: citizens of Canada and Bermuda do not require a visit visa to enter the US for a short period.

Also, with a visit visa, you are not authorized to work, study, or reside permanently in the United States.

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