UK Visit Visa from Kuwait – Eligibility, Costs, And Types Of Visit Visas

Do you plan to visit the UK for a short-term program, business, entertainment, vacation, tourism, or any other travel intention? Do you seek licensed, experienced, and trusted immigration professionals to handle your application, then you are at the ideal place!

The United Kingdom, no doubt, is one of the most advanced and influential countries in the world. Its vast cultural heritage, economic advancement, and beautiful environment have attracted a lot of visitors to the UK.

Therefore, it is our primary responsibility to provide an outstanding immigration solution that will help you to obtain a UK visa for your short-term visits successfully.

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What are the different types of UK Visit Visa that you can apply for?

Each category of visit visa  has been streamlined to suit a specific purpose. Therefore, your aim of visiting the UK will determine the right choice of visa to apply for.

Make sure you do not apply in the wrong category.

1: Standard Visitor Visa: you will only need this type of visa if you plan to visit the UK for business, vacation, tourism entertainment, or to get a short medical treatment.

But then, it applies only to individuals who are not from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Make sure you apply for at least 3 months before your proposed date of visit.

The standard visitor visa is valid for up to 6 months. However, it can be extended based on certain conditions.

Want to know more about the eligibility and mode of application for the standard visitor visa? Check here!

2: Marriage Visitor Visa: as the name implies, you apply for this visa if you want to marry or engage in a civil partnership. You also need it if you’re going to marry in the UK but have no plans to settle afterward.

Ensure you apply 3 months before the time of your visit. The cost of application for a marriage visitor visa is £95.

Check here for the eligibility and documents required for the marriage visitor visa.

3: UK transit visa: the transit visa is for travelers who will pass through or stopover in the UK during the journey.

However, citizens of Switzerland, individuals with a standard or marriage visitor visa, and those from the EEA do not need to apply for this visa.

There are two different types of transit visas, and your choice will depend on the number of hours you’ll spend on transit.

The fees can range from £35 to £64.

4: Permitted Paid Engagement Visa: are you an expert? Have you been invited to the UK a company or organization? Do you wish to migrate to the UK to carry out some paid tasks without going through the point-based system?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then this is the right visit visa category for you. The cost of procurement is £95.

However, this visa has a one-month validity. Read more  on the processing requirements and eligibility.

5: Parent of a Tier 4 Child Visa: this is specifically for you if your child attends any of the private institutions in the UK.

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