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Do you wish to visit Schengen countries for business, meet your friends, or enjoy your holidays? You will need a visitor visa to explore Europe. Contact DM Consultant Kuwait to get started with your Schengen visit visa application. With a qualified team of experienced visa consultants in Kuwait, we help you to understand the options available and walk through the Schengen visa process.

Any overseas national holding a visit visa can travel to 26 countries, including the European Union and the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) member countries. DM has been recognised as one of the top immigration consulting firms that can assist you in getting the fastest Schengen visit visa from Kuwaiti. Schedule FREE Consultation with our team of experts today to learn how we can help you with your visa application process.

Why Schengen tourist visa

The Schengen tourist visa applies to more than 26 Schengen-member countries that have similar border policies and allow free movement for their citizens and residents. A Schengen visit visa will enable you to travel and live for up to three months in any of the countries mentioned below:

Belgium, Austria, Czech, Estonia, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

These countries are known for their rich heritage, culture, famous places, landscapes and welcoming people.

Non-European citizens wanting to travel to Europe for tourism may require to apply for a short-term Schengen visa under the “tourist” specification.

DM Immigration Consultants in Kuwait provide complete information on the documents required to process your Schengen visa successfully.

Key Details of Visit Visa for Europe

Schengen Visit Visa is a temporary visa that allows foreign tourists to travel to 26 countries in Europe belonging to the Schengen zone. The key features to acquire Visit Visa for Europe include:

  • Stay in Schengen countries for up to three months with a valid Schengen visit visa.
  • Apply for a visa to the country in the Schengen zone where you plan to spend more days or land first.
  • The processing time for a Schengen visa usually takes two weeks. However, the exact processing time depends on the concerned embassy.
  • The application process gets more manageable with the help of tourist visa experts.

However, if you plan to study, work or live in a particular Schengen country for more than three months, you should apply for a national visa of that specific European country and not a Schengen Visa.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Schengen Visit Visa from Kuwait

For Schengen Visa Visitor, there are a few essential eligibility criteria to comply with:

  • Should be a citizen of a non-European country.
  • Must justify the purpose of travel and itinerary plan.
  • Valid Passport
  • A minimum of €30,000 amount in medical insurance coverage
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • Proof of accommodation. Your stay can be sponsored by your friends or relatives residing there, or you will have to provide a hotel booking confirmation.
  • Proof of legal entity of the company and a reference letter from your employer if travelling for business purposes.

DM Consultant Kuwait can assist you in arranging the documents and counselling you about the visa application process.

Documents Required to Apply for Schengen Tourist Visa from Kuwait

Must submit specific documents for a successful application and receive the Schengen Tourist Visa. The general documents required are:

  • Filled visit visa application form
  • Valid Passport or other travel documents
  • Details of the stay in the Schengen country
  • 2 photographs
  • Identity proof
  • Return flight ticket and Itenary
  • Covering letter
  • Accommodation details
  • A copy of your original bank statement
  • Insurance

How to Apply for Kuwait Schengen visa?

Contact DM Consultant Kuwait with the visa requirements, email address, passport copies, and residence proof.

  • Pay the cost of the Europe visa.
  • Submit all the documents and pay the processing fee for Kuwait Schengen Visa.
  • Our team will proceed with your visa application, schedule an interview and provide you with counselling on what to expect from the visa interview (if any).
  • Visit the consulate or the visa application centre nearby and do biometrics.
  • Wait for your visa application to be approved. Get your Schengen visa from Kuwait granted.

How can DM Immigration Consultants in Kuwait help you to get Schengen Visa?

If you are planning a short trip to a Schengen country from Kuwait, you may require a Schengen visit visa. DM Immigration Consultants in Kuwait works with a team of well-trained visa consultants who always remain updated with the rules of immigration and requirements of travel. So, whatever your travel concerns are, please do contact us. We will listen in detail to your needs and provide the best solution that makes your journey to Schengen countries smooth and hassle-free. Schedule a Free Consultation with us now!

DM Immigration Consultants in Kuwait can help you in terms of the following:

  • Provide free counselling for you to decide on the proper visa
  • Assisting you in arranging and preparing the necessary documents
  • Helping you in filling out the application form for a Schengen tourist visa
  • FREE session on how to prepare for the visa interview
  • Offer quality assistance and personalised services.

We aim to provide all our valued clients with a hitch-free and successful Schengen visa application from Kuwait.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Schengen Visit Visa

The processing time for a Schengen visit visa will be around 15 to 20 days. In case of mistakes in the application, the processing time will be increased by approximately five to six months. So it's advised to get assistance from an expert visa consultancy in Kuwait to apply for a Schengen visa. Also, plan your trip to Europe and accumulate all the necessary documents six months in advance.
Three different categories of Schengen visit visas are available: Short Stay – Permits you to stay in the Schengen countries for 90 days Long Stay - Allows you to remain inside the country for more than 90 days. Visa on arrival – This is for people from certain countries eligible to travel for visa-free access to Schengen countries.
Submit your requirements by providing clear information on which country you want to visit by filling out the contact form provided – click here. Our qualified team will contact you to organise a FREE consultation with our experts at your convenient time.
Schengen countries are open to vaccinated travellers from all countries. Make sure the vaccination certificate contains the following information:- Your full name as per the Passport or identity proof Date of the administration of the first dose of vaccine and the second dose Vaccination type (BioTech/Pfizer or Moderna) Country of issuance
Yes, you can! By availing Schengen tourist visa, you can travel to up to 26 countries that belong to the Schengen zone.
Applicants must visit the consulate of the Schengen country they're planning to visit. If you wish to visit more than one nation, you need to visit the country's consulate where you will land 1st or where you plan to spend most of your trip.
You should apply for a Schengen Visit Visa two weeks before the day of travelling and no earlier than six months before you leave.
The Passport must be valid for the whole period of your Schengen visa. If it is set to expire at any time during your visit to the Schengen area, your visa application for a Schengen visa will not be accepted. In this case, you should renew your Passport before applying for a Schengen visa.

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