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Whether you want to study in the United States for a graduate, undergraduate, high school, or even short diploma course as an international student, you need to have a student visa.
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    US Student Visa Application from Kuwait: Overview, Eligibility, and Visa Processing

    Whether you want to study in the United States for a graduate, undergraduate, high school, or even short diploma course as an international student, you need to have a student visa.

    The US student visa is very important because that is your permission to enter the country to study for a designated period and program.

    The US Department of State issues different visa categories, and your visa class is solely dependent on your type of institution, purpose, and duration of the study.

    Application for any US visa requires strict compliance with the requirements and provisions of the US immigration department.

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    US Student Visa Application in Kuwait: What are the Visa Categories?

    Two categories of US study visa exist for international students; each is unique, and cannot be used in replacement of the other. We have the F-visa and M-visa.

    US F-Visa

    The F-Visa is suitable for students who are looking to study in any of the institutions listed below:

      1. High School
      2. Conservatories
      3. College
      4. Private elementary schools
      5. Language training institutes
      6. Seminary schools

    US M-Visa

    M-visas are mostly for students who want to undergo vocational training or study in a non-academic institution.

    Moreover, foreign applicants on visit visas are not permitted to undergo any of the study programs in the US during their stay.

    What are the Requirements for processing the US Study Visa?

    The requirements for the application apply to all international students, regardless of your country of application. The primary step is to file for admission in an institution of your choice; here at DM-Consultant, we can help you to choose a suitable institution for your program.

    You will receive an admission letter as soon as the application is approved. The nest step is to pay the acceptance fees, then, the school will provide a form I-20.

    This form is very important because you have to use it to register for SEVIS.

    You can only apply for visa processing at the embassy once you have completed the SEVIS registration.

    Here are essential documents that are needed during your application:

    1. A valid passport copy
    2. Admission letter from a recognized institution
    3. All academic transcripts and certificates
    4. A passport photo-sized picture
    5. Proof of funds to cater for your study and living expenses throughout your program
    6. Applicants under the non-immigrant category will require a DS-160 confirmation form
    7. For those who want to undertake vocational studies, you are required to provide certificates that you’re qualified for such program

    N: B. After the application has been submitted, there are chances you will be invited for an interview at the US embassy in your country of application.

    Never to worry, our US immigration consultants in Kuwait will provide the necessary checklists and likely questions that you will encounter during the interview.

    Moreover, we will ensure your documents are filed correctly and that that application is processed in line with the regulations of the US Department of State.

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