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With the constant rise in international students seeking to undertake a degree in some of the best universities in the world, Canadian institutions, has no doubt, been a major player in terms of the popular student’s destination.
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    Canada Study Visa in Kuwait – Requirements, Costs, and how to successfully obtain a Canadian Study Permit

    With the constant rise in international students seeking to undertake a degree in some of the best universities in the world, Canadian institutions, has no doubt, been a major player in terms of the popular student’s destination.

    The Canadian study visa, also known as study permit, is the document that allows international students to come and study in any of the Canadian institutions for a period. Before you can apply for the student visa, you need to be enrolled in any of the Designated Learning Institutions in Canada.

    The application takes place in two stages; first, admission from your institution, and secondly, Canadian study visa application with the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

    Once the application is successful, you will be issued an eTA along with your temporary resident visa, and in some cases, a part-time work permit (if qualified).

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    Our goal is to provide a seamless process for intending international students in Canada by providing comprehensive guidance on the choice of institution, admission process, and the required document checklist for the study permit process.

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    What are the Requirements to Obtain a Canadian Study Visa?

    To apply for the Canadian study visa, you need to provide the following:

    1. Admission letter from any of the DLI in Canada
    2. A proof of funds that elucidates your account balance and financial buoyancy to cater for the cost of study and living
    3. A medical report from a certified practitioner
    4. Police certificate
    5. Your ability to convince the visa officer that you won’t abscond in Canada after your studies

    On the contrary, these set of individuals do not need to apply for a Canadian study permit

    • Those that intend to study for a course that is below six months
    • Those who are related to any Canadian foreign representative
    • Kindergarten, refugee, or child of a refugee
    • Children of Canadian permanent residents, who have a valid work or study permit, and would like to stay together with their parents for a primary or secondary education

    How do I apply for a Canadian Study Permit from Kuwait?

    The first thing you need to do before you apply for a Canadian study permit is to get accustomed to the CIC portal. There is a lot of information that you will obtain there, especially the documents required for the visa processing (already listed above).

    The online application is preferred due to its shorter processing time when compared to the offline application.

    The cost of application is $160, but extra charges might incur whenever you’re requested to provide your biometric information. Biometric has to get to the relevant government body within the first 30 days of receiving the notice.

    After a successful application, a notification will be sent to you together with an introduction letter. Also, you will be given an eTA, a form of temporary visa, which will be attached to the introduction letter.

    The eTA spans throughout your program.

    What are the benefits of studying of Canada?

    1. Quality Standard of living
    2. Excellent educational facilities and infrastructure
    3. Numerous aids and scholarships for ingenious students
    4. Job opportunities after studies
    5. Extra 1- or 2-years work permit for students undertaking graduate studies
    6. Engaging and fascinating places to visit as an international student


    Your ability to convince the visa officer is a significant determinant of the success or failure of your application. Hence, the need to carefully abide by the rules.

    Nevertheless, we have competent Canadian immigration consultants who are experienced with the entire process and are willing to guide you throughout your application. Contact us today for more information!!!

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