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Australia offers one of the best forms of education in the world, it has attained global limelight recently, most notably in its focus on innovation and technological advancement.
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    Australia Study Visa: Eligibility, Processing, And How to Apply For Australia Student Visa In Kuwait

    To pursue a higher or lower degree program in Australia, two factors are essential. The first is a provisional admission, while the other is an Australia study visa. Although the former can be achieved easily, the latter requires some form of compliance with the immigration policies guiding international studies in Australia.

    No doubt, Australia offers one of the best forms of education in the world, it has attained global limelight recently, most notably in its focus on innovation and technological advancement. If you want to get the best education the world has to offer, then Australia should make that list.

    Nevertheless, for every educational program that exceeds three months, it requires a student visa. Here is where the expertise of our MARA certified immigration consultants and lawyers come into play.

    Yes, at DM-Consultants Kuwait, we offer professional consultancy services regarding admission and study visa application for Australia. Our staffs are well-trained, with numerous years of experience and robust knowledge of the admissions and academic requirements for international students in Australia.

    Moreover, we are partnering with about 450 higher institutions of learning in Australia. With this, you are assured of making the right choice of institution and securing a provisional admission through a seamless process.

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    What is the duration for an Australia Study Visa?

    Most times, the validity of a visa is highly dependent on the course of study and its estimated duration. But of course, there is an additional time frame added to each study visa to allow students to prepare and exit the country after their studies.

    Perhaps, it would interest you to know that most study visas come with an additional two years to work at the end of your program. However, this depends on the program type and the candidate’s willingness to renew the permit after its expiry.

    To summarize it, if you study in Australia for at least 2 years, then you can be eligible for a 2-year working visa. Most importantly, you have to apply for admission to any of the CRICOS approved institution.

    Australia Study Visa from Kuwait: What is the cost of the application?

    Generally, the cost varies according to the country of application. For students applying from Kuwait, it is about AUD 573

    Requirements for Australia Study Visa Application

    Some of the very essential forms and documents that you need to provide during the visa application are:

    1. Admission letter issued by a CRICOS registered institutions
    2. A written intent letter that will elucidate your purpose of traveling to Australia for studies, how you intend to fund your education, and reasons to justify the fact that you will exit the country at the end of your program. You can find out more about this at the Department of immigration and border protection
    3. English proficiency test results from a recognized body such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc., except for students who are citizens of native-speaking English countries
    4. Medical clearance result
    5. Police certificate
    6. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) document
    7. Lastly, details of your travel itinerary and bank statements to prove that you can cater for these expenses.

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