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The Cyprus citizen by investment is a unique business immigration program, set-aside by the Cypriot government, to provide an opportunity for outstanding foreign investors to do business and migrate to Cyprus.
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    Apply for your Cyprus Golden Visa from Kuwait – a route to investment, permanent residency, and Citizenship in Cyprus

    A brief overview of the program

    The Cyprus citizen by investment is a unique business immigration program, set-aside by the Cypriot government, to provide an opportunity for outstanding foreign investors to do business and migrate to Cyprus.

    The program consists of two categories:

    Investing in real estate properties – a route to permanent residency
    Cypriot citizenship by investment – a high-cost investment program for citizenship in Cyprus.
    Recent agitations by the European Union for the enforcement of more stringent and background investigation has led to slight changes in the program.

    Notwithstanding, the Golden visa Cyprus remains the most beneficial investment program because, as an investor, you do not have to live or reside in Cyprus while running your business or investment.

    Also, Cyprus, being a member of EU states, you will be eligible to visit or do business in other EU or Schengen countries once you obtain the Cypriot passport.

    It is an outstanding choice for you, not only due to the favorable business environment but also the commendable tax policies.


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    What are the costs and requirements for the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program?

    1. To qualify for the Cyprus citizenship by investment program, you require a minimum investment of €2,000,000 together with other criteria of the program.
    2. You can apply in person or through your company or group of companies (In this case, you must be a principal shareholder in the company).

    To apply for this program, you need to meet any of the following criteria:

    1. Contribute EUR 75,000 to an innovation enterprise in Cyprus and another EUR 75,000 to land development corporation in Cyprus
    2. You should spend at least EUR 2 million in the purchase or development of a land or real estate property
    3. You can also decide to startup a business or fund an existing business in Cyprus, using a minimum amount of EUR 2M.
    4. Buy assets or organizations that have been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission
    5. You can also decide to combine any of the investment options, but the first bullet point is compulsory
    6. Additionally, regardless of your investment choice, you must own a place of residence in Cyprus. You need at least EUR 500,000 to purchase a home.

    However, once you do this, the amount will be deducted from the minimum cost that is required for any of the investment options that you choose. Check here for more information.

    Golden Visa Cyprus: What are the benefits of this program?

    1. You are eligible to study, work, and migrate to other EU member countries and Schengen states
    2. Your family members will also benefit from the program
    3. The processing time takes between 6 – 8 months, after which you get your second passport
    4. A very conducive business environment with favorable government policies
    5. Good quality education (from mostly UK-affiliated institutions) if you wish to reside in the country

    Application process and how do we help you to process the Golden Visa Cyprus

    The application process for the program is divided into different steps to make it easier for investors.

    It takes about 8 months to complete the process, and a thorough background check is always carried out to investigate the legitimacy of your fund.

    Nevertheless, we will assist you in scaling through each step of the process. Our consultants will guide you to ensure that you get the necessary documents that are required for your application.

    Moreover, during the initial stage of consultation, we will, through our lawyers, recommend appropriate properties, investment options, and analyze the possible exit points.

    Apply with DM-Consultants today, and enjoy a seamless process from the experts in the industry!

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