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The program is aimed at encouraging foreign investors who are willing to do business in a very sustainable economic environment as the UK.
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    Become A UK Citizen today; Get your UK Investor Visa through the citizenship by the investment immigration program

    Are you a foreign investor seeking to obtain a second passport in an advanced country? Then the UK citizenship by investment program is the right choice for you!

    The program is aimed at encouraging foreign investors who are willing to do business in a very sustainable economic environment as the UK. In return, the government will offer such investor an opportunity to become a resident through the investor visa.

    To take advantage of this excellent opportunity to make profit and also have a dual passport, you must understand the different types of investments that are available to foreign investors.

    Generally, investment with a higher amount of money has a shorter processing time when compared to investment with lower stakes.


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    What are the Advantages of the UK investor visa?

    Some of the benefits of having a UK investor visa include:

    1. Right to citizenship after residency for a few years
    2. Access to free medical and healthcare services
    3. Opportunity to travel and visit other neighboring countries
    4. Ability to conduct business in a sustainable economy
    5. Welcoming environment with great sociocultural heritage
    6. Free to sponsor family, spouse, and kids to the UK

    How do you apply for the UK investor visa from Kuwait?

    To obtain the UK investor visa from Kuwait, you have the option to apply directly or implore the services of prolific immigration consultants in Kuwait.

    DM-Consultant, being one of the most reputable immigration firms in Kuwait, has a set of UK immigration specialist that are always willing to provide you with the best representation throughout the entire process.

    We will assist you in gathering the required documents, researching the appropriate choice of investment (through our lawyers), and then proceed to process the application on your behalf.

    Either way, you will require the following documents or actions to apply for the visa:

    1. A minimum investment of $200,000 in an innovative company or business enterprise located in the UK
    2. A well-crafted and approved business plan
    3. A UK bank account opened on your behalf
    4. Proof of funds, through bank statements, that will show your ability to take care of your living expenses
    5. Invest at least ¾ of your money into government bonds, shares, or trading capital.

    As soon as these requirements are provided, you can go ahead to apply for the investor visa.

    Please note that investors are mandated to live in the UK for at least six months each year before they can be eligible to apply for citizenship.

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