Citizenship by Investment in Turkey: Invest, Migrate, and become a Turkish Permanent Resident through the Business immigration initiative

The Turkish government, through its business immigration initiative, encourages the input of foreign investors. This program helps you as an investor to own business(es), make investments, and at the same time, reside permanently in Turkey, if you wish.

Turkey is notable for its outstanding performance in the areas of banking, construction, mining, automobiles, electronics, and oil production.

The economy is stable currently, and it is a perfect opportunity for you to invest and own a Turkish residency visa.

What are the requirements for the residency by investment program in Turkey?

  • Invest a minimum of $250,000 in a real estate property within the country
  • Or choose to invest a minimum of $500,000 in a company organization
  • Open companies that will employ at least 50 employees who are residents of Turkey

In summary, there are four major investment options through which you can obtain Turkish citizenship; they are:

  • Through fixed capital
  • Citizenship by real estate investment
  • By investing in government properties
  • Establishment of companies that can employ a minimum of 50 employees

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