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Aside from the various immigration programs that offer residency in Canada, the Canadian investor visa is one outstanding route through which you can become a permanent resident of Canada.
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    Canada Investor Visa: Apply today and become a Canadian citizen through your investment!

    Aside from the various immigration programs that offer residency in Canada, the Canadian investor visa is one outstanding route through which you can become a permanent resident of Canada.

    The Canadian business immigration initiative is set aside for business investors and innovators who are willing to use their resources and savvy to drive positive change to the country’s workforce.

    All you have to do to benefit from this program is to set-up businesses or fund innovative start-ups, that will, in turn, provide employment opportunities for citizens and residents of Canada.

    Interestingly, Canada is an economically advanced country. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the future of your business.

    With a robust economy and improved living standards, the Canada investor visa is the ideal choice for you.


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    Canada Investor Visa: How do we help you?

    At DM-Consultants Kuwait, we have a team of counselors who will guide you properly to make the right choice of business or investment.

    Aside from that, we have our branch company in Canada that will conduct a comprehensive background market research regarding your choice of investment or business.

    We will also assist you in getting the necessary approval form any of the designated organizations. Once this is completed, we will proceed to make the necessary arrangements, satisfy the required government policies, and use these documents to apply for your investor visa.

    Canada Business immigration: How do you apply for the Canada Investor Visa?

    To apply for the investor visa, you have to go through either of the two available options – the start-up visa program and provincial nominee program for investors.

    Whichever choice you make, it will offer you a route to permanent residency and, subsequently, citizenship in Canada.

    1: Start-up Visa Program for business investors

    The Canadian start-up visa is designed for entrepreneurs with the expertise and resources to create innovative, competitive, and employable businesses in Canada.

    Once you have a very outstanding business idea, you can develop it through any of the designated organizations in Canada.

    For you to qualify for this program, you need to satisfy the following conditions:

    1. Eligible business
    2. Support letter from any designated organization in Canada
    3. Satisfy the language requirements
    4. Have enough funds to establish and settle in the country. Find out more about this here!

    The application process  is divided into three categories basically; obtain the application package (instruction manuals and document checklist), pay the fees, and then submit.

    Generally, it takes between 12 to 16 months to process the application, and the cost of application (without biometric) is from CAD 1,540.

    You must note that your biometric details will be required during the course of the application. In the end, you will mail the application to the address that is provided in the checklist.

    Upon approval, you will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR) together with your entry visa.

    Alternatively, you can choose to apply for a temporary visa and work in Canada while your application for the start-up investor visa is still under review.

    2: Investor Visas for Provinces

    Aside from the Federal business immigration initiative, other provinces also offer the opportunity to obtain an investor visa and permanent residency.

    These regions in Canada require skilled entrepreneurs to invest their resources and expertise towards the growth and development of the province.

    The requirements will differ depending on your province of application.

    No doubt, this is an excellent opportunity to become a permanent resident of Canada together with your spouse and family.

    Aside from the numerous profits you stand to gain from your investment in Canada, you will also enjoy the immense privileges that are enjoyed by Canadian permanent residents and citizens.

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    Remember, our ICCRC representing lawyers are ever available to attend to the legal aspect of your application and business establishments.

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